Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Buzz?

The Buzz is money-saving device for the home phone. The Buzz automatically enables your phone to deliver calls without incurring expensive Telco call rates.


How does it reduce call costs?

The Buzz is a phone service which uses a clever device that plugs into your home phone (this is called the BuzzBox®). The BuzzBox® activates each time you dial out, and cleverly delivers your calls without charging your standard Telco call rate.

Instead, the calls you make are seamlessly delivered and billed by The Buzz at great value call rates that can save you money.

How much could you save? See rates and pricing



Buzz Tip - Save money by reducing line rental

Savvy customers can increase their savings by moving to lower-cost line rental. Remember, you won't be charged at your usual outbound call rates, so moving to a plan with a lower-cost line rental cost (and 'higher' call rates) won't increase your monthly bill.

Rates and prices vary. Check whether your Telco offers a home phone plan with lower-cost line rental.



Is it easy to make phone calls?


You can dial out to make calls, and receive calls, like normal. The Buzz automatically gives you great value rates. This means there's no change to how you make calls. There's no need to enter codes or follow complicated proceedures before dialling out.

To use The Buzz, you will need an active home phone line with caller ID enabled. It will not operate with VoIP phone services, nor with 'silent' (or 'private') phone numbers.


What happens when I receive calls with the BuzzBox® connected - will I enjoy The Buzz rates?

The Buzz only works for the calls you make (outbound) to Australian local and national numbers, Australian mobiles and selected International numbers.

All home phone calls you receive (inbound) and calls you make to 000, 1800, 1900, 13 or 1300 numbers are delivered by your Telco at their standard rates


Will it disrupt my normal phone service?


If you experience issues with connection or call quality please contact your home phone service provider. The Buzz will have no impact on the quality or reliability of your calls.
For general support or assistance, contact our friendly Team on 1300 552 889.

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