Frequently Asked Questions - BuzzBox

Is the BuzzBox battery operated?


The Buzz automatically powers itself through the phone line. No power cable or batteries needed.


Does it make a noise when I make a call?


You'll hear a 2-3 second electronic chime ('You're being Buzzed Through') once you enter a phone number. This subtle chime occurs just once, at the beginning of the call, so you know that The Buzz is operational.

If you do not hear the chime, your BuzzBox may not be connected properly. (And you may not get great value call rates!). Check that the BuzzBox is securely plugged into the phone line (wall socket) and your home phone handset. 


What if the BuzzBox is faulty?

We can provide an alternative solution which works just as easily & still delivers the same low-cost rates on your current Buzz plan. Simply call our Australian support team and we’ll provide you more information.


Will I be able to make emergency calls?


The following call types will be delivered over your landline, by your current home phone provider (not The Buzz).

  • Emergency 000 calls.
  • Any number beginning with ‘1’ - eg. 13, 1300, 1800 or 190x.
  • Telephone calls where an override code is used.
  • Operator assisted numbers.

The Buzz will only deliver calls to Australian local and national numbers, Australian mobiles and calls to selected International numbers. The Buzz will bill you for calls made while the BuzzBox is connected to your home phone.