Frequently Asked Questions - Company

Who is behind The Buzz?

The Buzz is owned and operated by the MNF Group (ASX:MNF), Australia’s fastest-growing Telco (BRW 2014), publicly-listed on the Australian Stock Exchange. As part of the MNF Group, The Buzz is backed by over a decade of experience and an expert Australian-based customer support team.

Find out more about MNF Group here.

For all enquiries relating to The Buzz or BuzzBox, please call 1300 552 889.

What happened to the original BuzzBox?

The original ‘BuzzBox’ was an experimental telecommunications device using technology pioneered at the West Australian Telecommunications Research Institute (WATRI). In late 2012, the original ‘BuzzBox’ technology was acquired by the MNF Group.

Based upon a range of customer and commercial insights, a new-generation product was designed: providing all of the technological benefits of the original ‘BuzzBox’ in a simpler and more affordable way.