Frequently Asked Questions - Daily Use

Will I need a home phone line?


You will need an active, traditional (PSTN / copper) home phone line service. The Buzz will not operate through a residential internet phone service ('VoIP'). In addition, your home phone service will need to have caller ID enabled. The BuzzBox will not work if you have a private (sometimes called a 'hidden'or ‘silent’) phone number. 


Will I need the internet?


The Buzz does not require an internet connection. You will only need an active home phone line service with caller ID enabled. 

If you do have an internet connection, it won't be affected when you use The Buzz to make calls. The Buzz uses your existing home phone line to deliver calls (as normal).


Do I have to change my current Telco to use The Buzz?


You won't need to change Telcos. You should retain your current landline home phone service. The Buzz and BuzzBox device have been designed to work seamlessly with all Australian home phone service providers. So you can keep your current phone plan and provider. Simply connect the BuzzBox to start saving.