Frequently Asked Questions - Service & Billing

How regularly will I be billed?

The Buzz service is post-paid. You only pay for what you use. You are billed in arrears for the call charges accrued during the billing period.

You will receive your bill by email, with the option for a paper bill (charges apply).


What methods can I use to pay?

Automatic payment options: Credit Card or Direct Debit.

Manual payment options: Bpay, Cheque, and Credit Card by phone (1300 552 889).

Also refer to the General Terms document here - sections 8.1-8.2


Are there additional fees or charges?

The Buzz, in its discretion, may levy any or all of the following charges in order to recover reasonable costs and administer The Buzz service:

  • Each late payment incurs a fee of $10 + 5% (manual payment methods only)
  • Each dishonoured payment or insufficient funds notice incurs a $10 fee


I joined up on the Ultimate Plan, will my rates and inclusions change?


An early version of The Buzz, 'The Ultimate Plan' was available until lat 2012.

Existing customers can continue to use The Buzz with the Ultimate Plan. The Ultimate plan rates and inclusions will not change.

Click here for the Critical Information Summary.

The Ultimate Plan is no longer available to customers registering after July 1 2014, nor to existing customers adding/switching to current plans. Customers using the Ultimate Plan are encouraged to move to new plans after The Buzz launch (early 2015).


Will International call rates change?


The Buzz may, without notice, update International call rates and destinations. For a full list of the International destinations and current call rates, customers should consult the International Rates Schedule.