Plug in the BuzzBox. Start saving immediately.

(It's really that easy)


Getting started with The Buzz | Step 1

1. Plug handset into BuzzBox

Your phone handset has a long cable that connects it to the phone line in your wall. The BuzzBox® plugs into it.

Unplug your phone's connection cable from the wall (including any line splitters or line filters on the end of the cable) and plug the loose end into the BuzzBox®


Getting started with The Buzz | Step 2

2. Plug BuzzBox into wall

Once your phone handset is connected to the BuzzBox® plug your BuzzBox's connection cable (it looks like a little 'tail') into your telephone line wall socket.

The BuzzBox® will not operate if the 'tail' is connected to your phone handset. It must be plugged into the wall.


Getting started with The Buzz | Step 3

3. Enjoy great value call rates

To use The Buzz, simply dial out as usual. Instead of being stung by outrageous Telco calling charges, you'll be billed at great value rates from The Buzz.

Call local, national and Australian mobile numbers, as well as over 50 international destinations.

Frequently Asked Questions - Getting Started

What's required?

The Buzz requires an active home phone service. It will not operate with Naked DSL or internet phone plans.

In addition, your home phone will need caller ID enabled. The Buzz can't be used with a 'silent' or 'private' number.

What's included?

Once signed up, you'll be mailed a BuzzBox. The device will come ready to use and does not require any complicated setup.

Of course, our great value call rates are included. You will automatically be billed at The Buzz home phone rates when you make phone calls. 

How much could your household save with The Buzz?

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